Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade Holiday Market

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?  Don't worry, I haven't either.  Find tons of gift ideas - or a little something for yourself - at the Jersey City Craft Mafia Handmade Holiday Market in Downtown Jersey City this Sunday, Dec 19th.

Hello Again Vintage will have a booth there too so come and say hi.

Here's a re-cap of last year's craft fair at the Jersey City Museum:

*All photos taken by Luca of Lollibomb Beauty


  1. Thanks! It ain't any fun without ya. Wish you could be there.

  2. I am actually done with the gifts, just some groceries to go :)

  3. You're so lucky! I'm actually kind of done now - with hopes that I didn't miss anyone. I'm also waiting for a few to come in the mail.

  4. you are from jersey city! i am from edison :) it's a small world!! this looks like fun!

  5. hey honey! thank you so much for your comment ^_^

  6. This looks like fun! looking forward to photos from this year:)

  7. sorry you missed the giveaway!! i am running a special in my etsy shop though......come on over and take a peek.....http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenzet

  8. @Little Tree Vintage - Wow, you're not far at all. It really is a small world. If you're free on Sunday, please come by. I'd love to meet you.

    @Roberta - Like I said before, your blog is adorable. And your style is so unique. I love it!

    @Katie - I can't wait to share this year's photos. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    @Jen - I'm already on my way to check out your etsy shop.


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