Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

I love Christmas and all the warm fuzzy feelings that comes with it.  I still can't believe it's a few days away!

Unfortunately, we don't have a real tree, but we use scented candles to compensate for the smell.  :)

We have a pair of Vintage Victorian dolls.  The other half sitting on the other side.  They creep me out like this whenever they're together.

...and my not so little kitty

Happy Holidays!!  

Now off to finish watching the rest of A Charlie Brown Christmas.


  1. aww punky is so cute and i love ur tree!

  2. cute! i love your tree. and your cat makes an excellent santa! happy holidays :)

  3. it is really cold outside!! your xmas tree is really cute I love the panda decoration!

  4. i love how you still use decorations from when you were little :) i think thats adorable!x

  5. your cat is adorable! love your blog- I'm super jealous of your tree- maybe next year I'll put one up.

  6. Such a lovely Xmas tree you've got there! And it looks pretty real/awesome to me ;) I got a teeny tiny tree this year but it's so cute. Following you!

  7. @lula - I used to have one of those teeny 1 ft. trees also. I'm sure yours is the cutest thing ever!

  8. Love the tree, very lovely. Here it snows then it stops, so it hasn't started to snow officially!

  9. i've never had a real tree either but what a GENIUS idea to use a christmas tree scented candle.

    i <3 the victoria doll ornament! enough creepy but ENOUGH pretty! ;)

  10. @Abigail - Thanks, love. I know..but a part of me really doesn't want snow 'cause it gets so so so dirty after a day.

    @Micaela - The doll ornaments are super pretty, but I can't stare at them too long 'cause I feel like I'll one day see them blink. :p


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