Monday, December 6, 2010

Current Love: Wide Leg Jeans

Lately I've been in the search for high-waisted wide leg jeans but it's so hard finding the perfect pair - one that won't make me look shorter than short or make my booty look wider than an elephant.

Here's an awesome guide from The Chic Fashionista that will help you find the right pair + some photos for inspiration:

*Photo taken from GreasyWaitress


  1. these are great images. i hope you can find a perfect pair soon. and when you do, i hope to see you wearing them with some funky suspenders cute!

  2. i too love this look, but am barely 5' tall...i don't need to look shorter than i already am!

    i am in love with everything high waisted and adding a pair of suspenders to the mix makes anything cute :) thanks for sharing these tips with us...i need to find a pair for myself badly!!

  3. Thanks, Gale. I hope so too - before this feeling goes away.

    And Lindsay, me too! I'm only 4'3". But I found pictures of the Olsen twins rocking wide-legs so if they can do it, us shorties can wear them too! :)

  4. I love wideleg trousers, especially when they have sailor details! But I don't know if I can do those high-waisted ones with the suspenders. I think I tried some like those on once at Urban Outfitters and wanted to cry* when I saw what I looked like.

    *A dramatization, but not far from the truth! ;-)

  5. Reminds me of my high school days....NO, I refuse to tell you how old I am.
    They are/were the coolest jeans.

  6. I love wide leg jeans too! I'm not the right shape for all of these skinny jeans that are everywhere! I'm too short for the skinnys, but I can wear super tall shoes under a wide leg!

  7. @Brie I know that feeling. Hehe. And I don't think I would be able to pull off suspenders either 'cause I have a small torso but the high-waisted look would at least make my legs look longer, especially with tall shoes - like what Rebecca said.

    @Frannie Age is just a number! And those jeans are def the coolest.

    @Rebecca Most of the time, I feel like manufacturers make those skinny jeans waaaay to skinny - almost perfect to fit a kid :(

  8. They are beautiful. I wish I have long legs like that to wear it beautifully. :) Thanks for posting.

  9. wow, really good looks. Thank you for the great pictures. Now I think I also need to find a pair of jeans. :)


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