Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Guide: Random Anythings

...or things I really really fancy

Plaid Wool Cape by Bayou Salvage

Vintage DOONEY AND BOURKE Leather Sachel by Pascal Vintage

Handbound Leather Planner by My Handbound Books
a good way to get organized for the new year 
(plus, you get to support your fellow crafter)

Illustrated Owl Calendar by Gingiber

Cranberry Apple Jacket by Handamade
wouldn't it be nice to pull this pretty little apple outta your bag?

TIMESTOP Handmade Pendant Watch by revolt70
....and it really works!!

...and good news, the shop finally reached 700 fans on Facebook and I'll be hosting a GIVEAWAY  very, very soon.  So if you'd like to be a part of it, become a fan now:

It may include one or two of these things ;)


  1. oh my...i love so many of these things. i am a big fan of the capes this season...they are just so lovely! and that illustrated owl calendar is to die is that dooney and bourke vintage purse!! great finds!


  2. That bag is lovely. thanks 4 sharing

  3. love the satchel bag it's perfect!!!!!

  4. omg!!! I love that pendant!!!
    thank u for the comment on my blog!!

    I follow you!! Marta

  5. @lindsay & @carrie - Yes, aren't capes so pretty. I especially love this one for the plaid pattern.

    @Ickady Bag - No problem :)

    @MaNAa - I agree. The bag is just the right size to fit everything and use everyday!

    @marta - Thanks for following my blog. I'll definitely follow yours.

  6. Thanks for commenting!! I love your blog as well, anything vintage is something I love and these pictures are very cute! Especially, the leather bag, so classic

  7. OH MY GOODNESS. that dooney and bourke sachel has made my heart race.


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