Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Featured Photographer: Robert Marriott

Tell us about yourself.
I am full time and experienced photographer originally from Derbyshire, but now based in Kent (Margate).  I have been a photographer since 2004 and I cover weddings, civil partnership's, portraits and modeling portfolios, as well as commissioned work.

Did you always have an interest in photography?
I have always had a love for photography, and I have always taken advantage of documenting everything I see of interest, from landscapes and architecture to people going about their everyday lives.  I started professionally back in 2004 working at car shows and have developed from there into the work I do now.

How did you first become a photographer?
The first time I worked as a professional photography was when I started to go to car cruise events in Derbyshire.  After going to a couple, I was approached by two models who asked if I would do a photo shoot of them.  After the first shoot, I decided to make the step of moving from an amateur photographer to becoming a full time professional.

Who are your mentors (in photography)?
David LaChapelle - My favorite photographer for his creative and extrovert images. His work made me want to move across to the world of fashion.

David Glover and Andy Gordon - Both personal friends and fellow photographers. Have used their year's of experience in the field to assist me in my photography career.

Dolce and Gabbana - Their work also attracted me to working in fashion photography, and I have continued to be a fan of their campaigns ever since.

What drives your creative work?
Ideas and images I see on TV and in magazines, such as Vogue, Deviantart, fashion blogs, and TV advertisements.  Seeing a creative work of art inspires me to want to try something new and different.

What advice would you offer aspiring photographers?
Always test and try out every idea you have, no matter how small or silly it may be.  You are an artist, the same as a painter and even they create art that does not always work out, but they never give up.  Some of the work I have done in the past I look back on and see how far I have come, determination and a never give in attitude is key to success.

How do you keeps you inspired when things get difficult?
I tend to go out on location with my camera.  It's amazing how inspired you get being surrounded by beautiful buildings and scenery and popping into local vintage shops, galleries. Also by flicking though fashion magazines and browsing the internet.  A good editorial campaign always gets my creative juices flowing.

What was the best advice anyone gave to you?
My fiancĂ©e, Claire, has always given me so much advice and support, but one of the best things she ever advised me was to move from Glamour Photography into the world of Fashion and to put my rates up – LOL!  She has always told me to never give up on my career and follow your heart and what I believe in.

What projects are you currently working on?
I have regular clients, such as websites, that I am constantly working with, but currently I am working at building up a high fashion portfolio with local business around the Kent area, helping them showcase their Vintage and Retro merchandise.

How do you hope to be remembered when your time comes? What would you like your famous last words to be if you had the chance to choose?
As a creative photographer who never gave up on any idea no matter how ridiculous.
My last words would be – “I am a Ninja, feel my feather duster!!”

Where can people find out more about your work?

Many thanks to all who were involved.
Clothing - Madam Popoff Vintage 

ASOS - Madam Popoff Vintage Marketplace 

Thanks for sharing your awesome photos and taking the time to answer these questions, Robert!  I wish you all the success in the world!
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