Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For the Love of Handmade Giveaway Reminder + NEW IN SHOP

Happy Hump Day!  If you haven't entered my giveaway, you still have 'til this Friday (1/14).  Click here to find out more!

Also, these two adorable pieces were just added to the etsy shop!  Hope you like. ♥

Vintage 1970's Rainbow Swim Suit Wrap Skirt 

Vintage 1950's Little Girls Pinafore Dress

** I apologize for the quick, short post.. I'm off to spend time with my Dad before he leaves for the Philippines tomorrow.


  1. are you Filippino Grace?
    I went to the Philippines on a missions trip a few years ago--I loved it!

    Have fun with your dad :)

  2. ohh jealous of your dad going to a warm country. I want to go to a sunny, warm country aswell. hope you had a fun day with your dad!:)

  3. Ohhhhh- you own a thrift shop! How fun! I'm so jealous!

    Such pretty things! <3

  4. Sweet new pieces! Have a great afternoon.

  5. grace! hey! come back and visit me! you made the Top 5 comments for my Pay It Forward project i adopted... come back and comment me with your email address if youre still interested!! ;) xo

  6. I love the swim skirt. I had one very similar back in the day. Geez! I should have kept my clothes they'd be worth something ... maybe.

    I think little girls look so cute in pinafores.

    I hope you had a great day with your dad.

  7. that dress is soo cute!!

  8. @ Jillian - Yeah I'm Filipino. That's awesome that you went to Philippines. What part did you stay?

    @ Cylia - I'm jealous too. I'm soooo over this cold and snowy weather.

    @ Chelsea, Tanya, & Sarah - Thanks loves! Hope you're having a beautiful weekend.

    @ Jamie - Yay! I'm super excited. I thought I just missed it.

    @ Lillian - Wow, you must've had a fab style back in the day also! You need to share some pictures with us bloggers!

    @ Kat - Yes, isn't it really cute. I wish I knew someone that it would fit.

  9. That giveaway is sooo cute. Too bad I read it just now when it's too late :(

  10. Such pretty things! ♥

  11. Oh, I love the swimsuit cover! That's adorable. I want to dress vintage so badly but I am horrible at putting the pieces together, so I stick with my GAP cardigans and Chuck Taylors...haha! :)

  12. ohh lala! Your store has some super cute vintage! I will be checking it out now that I have found you! :) xo Samantha

  13. Oh, I'd have loved to win! By the way, I've always been interested in visiting The Philippines.

    And, yes, go ahead and watch Lars and the Real Girl! It's s really good movie.

    Have a nice week!



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